About Us

The Greater Lovell Land Trust (GLLT) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit land conservation organization established in 1985 to“ protect the ecosystems of the Kezar Lake, Kezar River, and Cold River watersheds, in perpetuity, for the benefit of this region’s natural and human communities.”

Our Objective: to permanently protect all the lands and waters that define our communities and enrich our quality of life.

GLLT achieves the long-term protection of land by seeking, holding, and monitoring conservation easements and by accepting land ownership. We seek to conserve forever the unique Kezar Lake region of islands, shorefront, back lands, and mountains and to promote a continuing harmony between the natural environment and mankind. We work toward these goals in cooperation with private landowners, state and local authorities, businesses, other conservation organizations, residents and visitors. More information about our mission and actions can be found in the GLLT Long Range Plan.

The GLLT works to maintain a balance of land protection and reasonable development within the Kezar Lake and adjacent watersheds. We seek partnerships with the communities we serve to ensure our most valued natural areas remain healthy and viable. We work directly with individuals and families interested in taking conservation action on their properties.

To date we have protected a total of 5,036 acres:

  • We own 2,548 acres with developed public access on several of 16 properties.  See GLLT Preserves  for trail maps, brochures and descriptions.
  • We also hold conservation easements on 36 privately owned lands for a total of 2,488 acres.  It is important to note that lands under conservation easement are private and public access is a right of the owner to allow or restrict.  Please respect private property rights.

The Conserved Lands map is always updated to add new properties. You may view the latest version here: GLLT Service Area.