Feel free to contact us, or visit our office in Lovell Village at
208 Main Street (across from the intersection of Routes 5 and 93).

By Phone: 207-925-1056
Email office at: [email protected]
Tom Henderson, Executive Director
Rob Upton, President


For specific details on the following:

Land Trust Properties

Burgess Smith, Chair, Properties Commission

New Species Observations

Dennis Smith, Database Administrator

Educational Programs

Leigh MacMillen Hayes, Education Director

2016/2017 Board of Directors

Robert Upton II, President
Burgess Smith, Vice President 
Bruce Zabinski, Treasurer
Heinrich Wurm, Secretary
Michael G. Friedman, Counsel

Directors At Large:
Carol Gestwicki, Robert Kroin, Michael Maguire,
Jill Rundle, Toni Stechler, Robert Winship, Moira Yip,

Appointed Directors:
Eugene Spender—Town of Lovell
James Owen—Town of Stoneham
James Wilfong—Town of Stow
Raymond Senecal—Kezar Lake Watershed Association