Back Pond Reserve

The 249-acre Back Pond Reserve includes 239 acres on the north side of the Five Kezars Road in Stoneham and an additional 10 acres south of the road. The 10 acres were purchased in 1980 by 12 families and deeded to the GLLT in 1998. There are two trailheads and three trails on the property.  (Note: only two trails are currently shown on the map).

“Ron’s Loop” is a self-guided trail that takes visitors on a 0.85 mile loop through the lower portion of the property.  The “Mountain Trail” is a 0.83 mile, steadily rising trail to the summit.  Once there you can look south through the Kezar River valley and west to the Presidentials and White Mountains—an extraordinary view!

Back Pond Preserve Trail Map


Back Pond Species checklists:
Back Pond Reserve Mammals
Back Pond Reserve Birds
Back Pond Reserve Reptiles/Amphibians/Fish
Back Pond Reserve Flora


Please forward any new observations to Dennis Smith, GLLT Database Administrator.