Over 800 acres with several thousand feet of shoreline, this property is dedicated to use and enjoyment by the public. The property includes most of the western shore of Heald Pond, access to the southern shores of Bradley Pond, and much of Whiting Hill, Amos Mountain and Flat Hill.

Most of the property is upland, bordered by Route 5 on the west and Slab City Road on the south. There is some riparian environment between Bradley and Heald Ponds, and limited wetlands.

Several miles of well-marked hiking trails lead to views from the tops of Whiting Hill, Amos Mountain and Flat Hill as well as access points on both ponds.

In 2013, the GLLT added a 0.7 mile fully accessible trail for use by persons aided by adaptive equipment.  The trail begins at the Gallie Trailhead and ends at a picnic area in a forest glade.

There is a separate parking lot located just east of Mill Brook off Slab City Road (with maps and a kiosk), two points of access with limited parking off Route 5, as well as a separate parking lot and kiosk off Heald Pond Road that provides access to the Flat Hill and Bradley Pond areas. The forest was worked hard as a timber resource for many years, but supports a wide variety of mammal species. Bear, deer, moose, otter, and beaver have been seen on the property and signs of bobcat and coyote are also present.

Heald and Bradley Ponds Reserve

Checklists of species observed to date:

Please forward any new observations to Dennis Smith, GLLT Database Administrator.