The property is a 598-acre refuge along the western and eastern shorefront of Sucker and Bradley Brooks.  The southernmost portion of the refuge begins at the North West Cove of the Lower Bay. There is a high diversity of upland and lowland forest types and over 64 acres of wetlands of high importance to wading birds, waterfowl, mammals, amphibians, and wetland-dependent flora.

A 1.2 mile trail leads visitors to a peaceful wildlife viewing spot along the banks of Sucker Brook and provides opportunities to explore brookside viewing places along route. Late spring and early summer is a peak season for bird vocalization and this can be an exciting time to visit this destination point.

The refuge was acquired through 4 separate transactions.The first in 2007, with support from the Land For Maine Future’s Program, the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the generosity of over 200 donors. In 2008 the GLLT became the primary beneficiary of a bequest by the late John A. Segur to advance the preservation of native wildlife populations through the protection of the habitats upon which they depend. The John A. Segur Trust provided crucial support to the additional acquisitions and in 2012 the property was designated as the John A. Segur Wildlife Refuge. The GLLT received additional financial support for the 2010 and 2011 acquisitions from an anonymous donor, the Maine Natural Resource Conservation Program and the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

John A. Segur Wildlife Refuge

Checklists of species observed to date:

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