At the heart of all non-profit organizations are the volunteers who make the mission of the organization possible. The GLLT has been fortunate in having dedicated members who make up the Board of Directors, serve on committees, and assist with a variety of programs including:

  • Monitoring of Conservation Easements
  • Volunteering as a Docent
  • Easement Development Committee
  • Properties Commission
  • Membership Committee
  • Publicity and Public Relations Committee
  • Development Committee

If you would like to donate some time to help the GLLT achieve its mission, or if you would like to find out more about volunteer opportunities, please contact us by email.

Photo of Executive Director Tom Henderson speaking to walk participants in the woods.

Executive Director Tom Henderson leads a walk on a GLLT property.

Cranberry Harvest

Volunteers are needed each fall to pick cranberries for our Cranberries For Conservation program.  We venture into the fen on crisp October mornings to handpick these treasured fruits.  We pick daily October 1-14, weather and crop permitting.

Monitoring of Conservation Easements

As stewards of many properties, monitoring is an ongoing project for the GLLT. Monitoring is an ideal way to explore areas around the area that you wouldn’t normally have access to, particularly properties that are privately owned. The level of difficulty in monitoring each property ranges from very easy to rigorous, and volunteers stipulate the type of property they would like to monitor. Teams of three or four volunteers meet at the property and set out on a morning or afternoon expedition (sometimes it’s all day!), walking the property and determining if the condition of the property is in compliance with the terms of the easement. The monitor leader for each team has equipment for marking and measuring, and a packet containing all information needed about the property.

Volunteering as a Docent

If you are interested in being trained to be a docent please contact Leigh Macmillen Hayes at [email protected]. The commitment to become a docent includes some training and a willingness to lead two walks each year when the training is completed. We welcome volunteers who want to learn more about the natural world and wish to share that knowledge with others.

Property Stewardship

The trust currently owns 15 properties with 2,548 acres of prime wetlands, wildlife habitats, working forest and rare species habitats. A Commission of volunteers works year round to provide high standards of stewardship including the maintenance of several miles of hiking trails, view vistas, and public access facilities. Volunteers are always welcome to assist with trail maintenance projects and the establishment of new and exciting facilities. Natural resource inventories and surveys are a vital part of our stewardship programs, and volunteers with such skills are encouraged to participate.

Please contact Tom Henderson, Executive Director, or Burgess Smith, Commission Chair at [email protected] for more information.