Kezar River Reserve

The 114 acre Kezar River Reserve in Lovell was donated to the GLLT by the Maine Chapter of The Nature Conservancy to manage for sustainable forestry, wildlife habitat, unique natural features and public access.

The property includes 5,006 feet of frontage on the eastern shore of the Mill Pond and 2,944 feet of its western shore. The one-mile loop trail takes visitors through a diverse forest and into and out of a deep v-shaped ravine. The ravine and the other 4 on the property are a geological feature that is uncommon in the eastern US, known as “headwall erosion.” The reserve’s unique geology was influenced by the last ice age as the forest is growing on a large glacial lake bed of deep sands and silts.


The Kezar River Reserve species listings include:
Kezar River Reserve flora
Kezar River Reserve birds
Kezar River Reserve mammals
Kezar River Reserve reptiles/amphibians/fish


Please forward any new observations to Dennis Smith, GLLT Database Administrator.