Non-Commercial Conservation Easement

Concerned by threats of excessive commercial development on Lake Kezar and surrounding ponds, the Greater Lovell Land Trust has developed a model limited Conservation Easement to help preserve water quality, fishery habitat and the shoreline environment.

This unique easement, designed for owners of waterfront property, creatively addresses the specific problems of funnel development and commercial water-based activities by a group or club. In funnel development, a developer purchases land with little or no frontage on the lake and grants the individual lot owners the right to access the water over the small frontage area associated with the development or over an easement acquired for that purpose.

Excessive commercial usage of waterfront property promotes exploitation of lake and shoreline resources that contribute to a healthy lake ecosystem. These development activities are serious potential threats to the lake and its surrounding environment. They permit over-use of the lake, enhance run-off and excessive phosphorous and other contaminants, disturb the fragile fishery ecosystem and diminish the scenic beauty of the lake.

As with all conservation easements, the Limited Easement may be tailored to your needs and desires including the retention of some development rights for you and your family. It may be placed on only a portion of your property or on all of it. Such property will be known as Conservation Property. The Easement would restrict waterfront property from commercial use, prohibit its being combined with back land for funnel development and disallow its use as access for water-based activities by a group or private club.

The Limited Easement is a creative approach to preserving specific and significant environmental and community resources from over-development.

The Land Trust would like to work with you to answer questions you may have and explore the advantages that a Non-Commercial Conservation Easement will provide to you, your family, and those who use, enjoy and depend on the resources offer by our lake and ponds.