Lovell Summer Recreation Programs

Nature Days

Once again, we worked with Lovell’s Recreation Director Meg Dyer in the summer of 2016  to bring a weekly nature program to the summer day camp offered by Lovell’s Recreation Department.

We were excited to share five GLLT properties with the group of Lovell youngsters and engaged them in a variety of activities while hiking the trails. The Lovell Rec kids experienced going on a sensory hike, mimicking how a beaver fells a tree (by chomping on carrots), exploring a stump dump porcupine condominium, meeting trees while being blindfolded, and building gnome homes, which was was a highlight for all.

Thanks go to our summer interns, local college students. The kids will always remember Hannah mesmerizing them with her animated descriptions and Aidan’s charades presentation (role-playing how a porcupine grooms itself).

Our plan for next summer is to develop two nature programs for the Rec Department based on age levels. We’d also like to start a junior docent program. Check back here for opportunities to enroll in the programs for young students, and participate as Junior Docents.