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The GLLT offers two Self-Guided Nature Walks with signs that describe features along the trail.

  • One is permanently located at the Wilson Wing Moose Pond Bog located on Horseshoe Pond Road, where signs identify interesting things to observe as you walk along.
  • The second nature walk is located at a different GLLT property each year.
GLLT interns, staff, and volunteers install self-guided nature trail at Chip Stockford Reserve

Seasonal shrub and tree signs will be placed at the Fairburn trailhead at the Heald and Bradley Ponds Reserve off Slab City Road from July 1st through Labor Day for the self-guided tour. Walk around the perimeter of the parking lot to read about the various species. Each plant label shows a picture of the shrub or tree, plus the key identifying characteristics. Many of these shrubs and trees may be found on other GLLT properties as well. In addition, the kiosk in the parking lot will offer information regarding additional flowering plants that will be identified as they come into bloom during the summer.