Non-Commercial Conservation Easement

What is a...


The pressure of commercial development on Kezar Lake and surrounding waterbodies creates a threat to the future water quality, fishery and wildlife habitat, and shoreline environment. A limited Conservation Easement, designed for owners of waterfront property, addresses the specific problems of shoreline development.

New commercial usage of waterfront property may impact lake and shoreline resources and the healthy lake ecosystem. Incresased run-off, excessive phosphorous and other contaminants can disturb the ecosystem and the scenic beauty of the lake.

A  Limited Easement may be tailored to particular owner needs. It may be placed on only a portion of a property. The Easement would restrict commercial use, development, use as access for water-based activities by a group or private club. It offers an alternative approach to preserving specific environmental resources from exploitation.


Contact the GLLT for details and information on the effect of conservation easement for your particular situation.