October: The Month of the GLLT Kids, Part 4

October: The Month of the GLLT Kids, Part 4

GLLT/Lovell Rec Trailblazers:

Six years ago we began working with Lovell Recreation to offer nature hikes one day a week for their summer campers. That blossomed into an after-school program three years ago. Typically, we offer five session in the fall, five in the winter, and three in the spring (many more after school activities available at that time of year.)

The group may be a bit loosey goosey because after being in school all day the kids have lots of energy to release, but we just keep changing up the activities.

This afternoon, Docents Alice Goodwin and Joan Lundin had a variety of activities up their sleeves (but no salamanders).

Activities included walking like different Maine mammals, Simon Says, Following unique trail blazes to reach their after-school snack, becoming tree masters, learning about survey rods, completing a leaf scavenger hunt, and finally ironing leaves between wax paper. Phew! No wonder we're all exhausted.

October: The Month of the GLLT Kids, Part 3

Molly Ockett School Maine Environmental Science Academy:

For many years, we’ve had a relationship with Molly Ockett School’s interdisciplinary 6-8th grade MESA program. This year has been no different and last month I co-led a walk along Hut Brook with Ed Poliquin from the Kezar Lake Watershed Association.

On Tuesday, October 15, 35 MESA students and their three teachers joined Brian Hammond and me to explore the fen.

Scavenger Hunt at Kezar River Reserve

Scavenger Hunt at Kezar River Reserve

As I walked along the trails of the Greater Lovell Land Trust’s Kezar River Reserve on Route 5 across from the Wicked Good Store today and thought about the fact that the Storybook Trail featuring Pond by Jim LaMarche will come down in another week or so, a brainstorm struck me. Why not create a scavenger hunt that you can download on your Smartphone and look for as you walk along the trail? Why not, indeed.