The Benefits of Conservation Easements

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A conservation easement preserves the special qualities of a property that make it unique. It also adds value for community benefit. The preservation of our natural ecosystems and cultural heritage are a legacy for the future. Protecting or forests, wildlife, waters, farms and wildlife contributes to the long term health and well being of our region.

Conservation easements are granted in perpetuity and apply to the land regardless of who may own it in the future. Landowners who have donated easements to the GLLT have found that they offer many advantages and benefits. You and the GLLT decide together what needs to be protected and what you would like to achieve through protection by conservation easement. You may protect all or only part of your property.

Benefits of Conservation Easements

  • Permanent protection from uses that could damage or destroy the scenic, recreational, ecological or natural resource value.
  • Maintain ownership and occupancy.
  • Protection is maintained with sale or inheritance.
  • Easements in the watershed help to maintain and enhance the quality of our ground and surface waters.

Your donation may qualify for financial benefits:

  • As a charitable gift for federal income tax purposes.
  • Enable heirs to hold property by reducing estate taxes.
  • Allow gifts of land with a reduced or eliminated federal gift tax.
  • Assessors in Maine may reduce the value of a property, thus reducing property taxes.
  • May qualify for Maine state programs that reduce property taxes for undeveloped lands based on their current use classification — forest land, agricultural use and significant open space.

Contact the GLLT for details and information on the effect of conservation easement for your particular situation.