The Conservation Easement is a Personal Decision

How do I preserve my land so it’s not developed? Would the Land Trust be interested in protecting my property? What do I have to do? What does the Land Trust do?


Protecting cherished property is a personal decision that can be financially and legally complicated. The Land Trust can help you review options, answer questions, and give you information and resources needed to prepare a conservation plan that is best for you, your family and your land.

We will help develop a solution that answers:

  • your land conservation goals
  • the future ownership of your land
  • the special features of your property
  • your family’s needs and wishes.

We help you and your family work through decisions for your property

  • Do you wish to protect the whole or a portion
  • Any structures to be included or permitted
  • What conservation values are to receive particular attention
  • your family’s shared vision for your land.

We walk your land with you and talk about its

  • major conservation features.
  • conservation purposes of the easement,
  • land-use restrictions,
  • specific terms you may want,
  • rights-of-way or utility easements, liens, mortgages,
  • State of Maine Tree Growth, Farmland or Open Space tax programs

We determine together if the proposed easement matches our mutual goals. The GLLT undertakes a major responsibility in accepting a conservation easement, and a stewardship endowment may be an important element to consider. The combination of your generosity and the GLLT’s commitment of resources ensures that your wishes and the Land Trust’s conservation objectives will be carried out.

Contact the GLLT for details and information on the effect of conservation easement for your particular situation.