The rental season officially begins June 1 and ends November 15. Rentals are through airbnb. Preseason, post season and winter requests will be considered subject to seasonal access (contact The road is not plowed in winter and not recommended for use during mud season, typically from March 15 to April 15.

whitney pond view 1.jpg

The cabin is a 20 x 30 two-story, rustic structure overlooking the nine-acre pond surrounded by 64 privately owned acres in a very remote setting. The cabin includes an upstairs sleeping loft.The downstairs includes a living room, bedroom and kitchen area. There is a covered porch off the first floor overlooking the pond.

Before making reservations, potential guests should understand the nature of the remote setting and its rustic amenities. These offer a century-old experience uncommon today in southwestern Maine.  Utilities run on propane, the bathroom is an outhouse and the swimming is enjoyable but can intimidate those not accustomed to the tannin-stained brown waters in Maine’s shallow, warm water ponds.