2,548 acres of owned forests and wetlands...


The preservation of viable native wildlife populations, species of concern, public recreational access, water quality, forest and agricultural resources, beauty and ecological integrity are key focuses of our efforts.  Our first major land acquisition was the Heald and Bradley Reserve, made possible through the generous support of many in the form of donations, gifts and grants.

Our properties are open to hunting!

Nearly all of our reserves and preserves are open to hunting, subject to Maine state regulations. While there are hunting seasons throughout the year, the fall is particularly active. Bird and bear season are in full swing, and deer hunting season opens on October 26th for Youth Day, followed by November 2nd for all. Please take the necessary precautions.

For more information check out Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife: https://www.maine.gov/ifw/hunting-trapping/index.html

GLLT Fee Properties and Acreage