2,548 acres of owned forests and wetlands...


The preservation of viable native wildlife populations, species of concern, public recreational access, water quality, forest and agricultural resources, beauty and ecological integrity are key focuses of our efforts.  Our first major land acquisition was the Heald and Bradley Reserve, made possible through the generous support of many in the form of donations, gifts and grants.

Our most recent acquisitions include:

  • 329 acres along the western shore of Sucker Brook, increasing the Sucker Brook Outlet Reserve to 578 acres

  • 50 acres south of Horseshoe Pond

  • 53 acres on Christian Hill

  • 198 acres, including Amos Mountain, increasing the Heald and Bradley Reserve to 801 acres, a 110 acre addition to the Back Pond Reserve

  • 64 acres surrounding Whitney Pond and 56 Acres at Proctor Pond


Since then the following properties have come under GLLT ownership.

Property Acres General Uses
Heald and Bradley Pond Reserve 801 Public access for hiking and snowmobiling
Wilson Wing Moose Pond Bog Preserve 32 Public access for hiking bird viewing platform
Bishop Cardinal Reserve 69 Public access for hiking and multiple uses
June Wing Preserve 12 Species preservation
Chip Stockford Reserve 155 Public access for hiking and multiple uses
Kezar Outlet Fen 265 No developed public access
Kezar River Reserve 114 Public access for hiking and multiple uses
Sabra Creeper Hill Reserve 65 No developed public access
Five Kezar Reserve(Formerly known as Bacl Pond Reserve) 259 Public access for hiking and multiple uses
Conifer Reserve 17 No developed public access
Fairburn-Bradley/Heald 1 Parking lot for trailhead
John A. Segur Wildlife Refuge 578 Public access under construction x-country ski
Horseshoe Pond Reserve 50 No developed public access
Proctor Pond Reserve 56 No developed public access to date
Whitney Pond Reserve 64 No developed public access to date