Kezar Outlet Fen

A vast wetland (250 acres) stretching from the south side of Lower Bay in Kezar Lake, south into the town of Fryeburg near Harbor Road. The fen encompasses 2,125 feet of shoreline from the outlet along the southern shore of Lower Bay. The land abuts the irregular eastern shore of the Kezar Outlet for over a mile and a half south to the town line between Lovell and Fryeburg.

The landscape includes the very large fen with upland shoulders. There are several small shallow ponds on the property and an array of plant and animal species that rely on this relatively rare acidic environment. Otter, moose, deer, bear, beaver, mink, raccoon, and muskrat are known to be present and bald eagles have been regularly seen in the area.

There is limited public access to this property via boat from the Kezar Outlet. Land access is possible through a right of way off Harbor Road, but there are no organized trails or parking available on the property. Those entering the property should respect adjacent private properties, and recognize that foot travel is hindered by very wet conditions much of the year.

There is no map of the Kezar Outlet Fen at this time.

Species observed to date

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