Wilson Wing Moose Pond Bog Preserve / Bishop Cardinal Preserve

Wilson Wing Moose Pond Bog Preserve (formally the Sucker Brook Preserve)

This preserve includes a 32-acre holding along a section of Sucker Brook beginning at the south end of Horseshoe Pond and extending south to the shores of Moose Pond. This portion of the property is dominated by a rich riparian environment that includes cardinal flowers and access to a viewing platform that looks out towards Moose Pond. Parking is available and a nature trail is maintained along the stream from Horseshoe Pond that provides access to a landscape rich in mammal sign and bird activity.

BIshop Cardinal Preserve

There is an additional 69-acre tract of land to the west of Horseshoe Pond Road, adjacent to the White Mountain National Forest, and access to the trail system leading to Lord’s Hill. There are two circular trails that traverse this upland environment that is bisected by a seasonal stream.

The Property

The generosity of the Wilson Wing family launched the project to protect significant habitats in the Horseshoe Pond area. The Wing’s donation of 20.7 acres of land around Moose Pond was augment-ed by The Nature Conservancy, which added another 12 acres surrounding Sucker Brook, creating the Wilson Wing Moose Pond Bog Preserve, now owned by the GLLT. In 1998 the GLLT purchased the 69 acres west of the Horseshoe Pond Road now known as the Bishop Cardinal Reserve. 

The 32 acre Preserve is managed primarily in its natural state, while the 69 acre Reserve is managed to preserve water quality and support recreation, wildlife habitat and sustainable wood products. 


Wilson Wing Moose Pond Bog

This Preserve is host to a large variety of flora and fauna that thrive in the forested and wetland habitat pre-sent. Scarlet-red Cardinal flowers grace the brook in late summer. Spring birding, winter mammal track-ing, and “owling” are favored activities. The GLLT has constructed a self guided nature interpretative trail for all ages and a view platform for your enjoyment. 

Bishop Cardinal Reserve

This reserve is host to a significant beech and northern hardwood forest supporting black bear, dear, moose and many more native species. Two small streams flow throughout the year. A small group of majestic and aged hemlocks are present along the northern boundary. 

The GLLT has constructed two loop trails, with the Red Trail merging in-to the trail to the Lord’s Hill mine and overlook, on the White Mountain National Forest. 

Activity Guidelines 

 Wilson Wing Moose Pond Bog Preserve

Permitted uses included
• Hiking and picnicking
• Cross country skiing
• Snowshoeing
• Nature Observation

These activities are not allowed: 
• Camping or Fires
• Motorized vehicles/ATV’s
• Mountain bikes/snowmobiles
• Cutting/removal of vegetation
• Hunting

Bishop Cardinal Reserve 

Permitted uses included
• Hiking and picnicking
• Cross country skiing
• Snowshoeing
• Nature Observation
• Hunting

These activities are not allowed: 
• Camping or Fires
• Motorized vehicles/ATV’s
• Mountain bikes/snowmobiles
• Cutting/removal of vegetation 

Please use the land responsibly, leaving it just as you found it.

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We are a private, non-profit organization of local volunteers and fellow conservationists from across the U.S. and beyond, protecting our region’s lands and waters in the interest of the public. We welcome new members and contributions such as help with land purchases, property easements, gifts, or volunteers for cur-rent projects. Please join us. 

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